"a celebrity clientele that includes movie stars
as well as members of the Forbes 400 list"

"a luxury recruitment and concierge agency
that specialises in elite corporate and domestic positions
around the world"

"a sophisticated aide de camp who delivers the luxury
of old English aristocracy to your door"
"trained in the playgrounds of the world's rich and famous"
"levels of sophistication that others merely aspire to"

"finding solutions to the most unusual and
extraordinary demands"

"Society Concierge [does] whatever is required"

"The great British butler is back"

"excellent value"

"a taste of the lifestyle of the British aristocrat"

"at your beck and call 24 hours a day"

"discreet, loyal, immaculate and unflappable, with an eye for detail and an ability to create the right atmosphere"

"They are the Gatekeepers"

"Navigates the trials and tribulations of the modern world
with efficiency and style"

"brings a sophistication and old-world charm"

"Refined, dignified, and deferential"

"Knowledgeable, competent and in high demand"

"a touch of class"

"taking people back to an earlier age, where customer service and presentation was all about elegance and discretion"
"Unwavering loyalty and discretion"

Excerpts are taken from press articles and interviews relating to Society Concierge's services, Managing Director and CEO.